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Providing specialised guidance within both the career development and medico-legal fields.
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What we do

Our main aim is to facilitate effortless decision making through a process of face-to-face consultations, psychometric assessments, gathering collateral information and conducting research relevant to the matter at hand. As a result of our approach, solutions provided are holistic by nature and unique to each individual or case.


Career guidance

We conduct in depth subject choice and career guidance assessments and consultations with scholars, students as well as adults aiming to make a career change, with the aim of providing detailed feedback and guidance with regards to next steps that need to be taken in order to realise future career aspirations.

Medico-legal Services

With regards to our medico-legal division, our main aim is to advise the relevant stakeholders on the claimants’ pre- and post-accident work and earning capacity, to determine past and future loss of earnings and to appear as expert witnesses to testify on our findings should the matter go to trial.

“You are always one decision away from a totally different life.”


Allow us to assist you with making the best possible decisions to facilitate professional success and gain optimum results.


Why we are different

Unlike many Industrial Psychology practices that attempt to cater to the full spectrum of demands and needs in the field, Melissa Brak du Plessis Inc. focuses specifically on career guidance and development as well as medico-legal services.

This has enabled us to perfect our approach to both sub-fields by conducting in-depth investigations and research which in turn allows us to provide the client with detailed recommendations in order to simplify the decision making process.

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